Sunday, August 16, 2020

Event- Sunday Reader's Club

Through Microsoft Teams, I attended the Sunday Reader's Club session. I was invited to read out a short story and talk about writing. I accepted. 

I decided to read a short story from the book, "I am not here to give the speech," by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 

I read this story at Forum Mall in Bangalore in 2016. From then on, it stayed with me.  It's a story of a woman in the village who dreams bad in her village and the way, it spreads in the village like wildfire. 

After I finished reading the story, many teachers shared their stories. 

"To listen to more stories, share more stories." 

I shared the story and people were connected to it. They shared their stories, how they believed, and shared the stories without an afterthought. 

I also shared a few of my hitchhiking experiences. Listening to my experiences, a participant Uddam Singh shared his experience. 

In his teenhood, he was traveling home from a village. He had five rupee coin, the fare of the auto. But, it was not his day. No auto was at sight. He walked further and turned back. He could see a jeep. A police jeep. 

He waved his hand. Good for him. The jeep stopped. 

"Where do you have to go?"

I have to go to a place." answered the boy. 

"You have to pay the fare. Come. 


Both the police and the boy started traveling. The police looked at the boy. In the 90s, the police said, "you have a lot of baggage. You need to give 5rs extra. "

"Ouch. I only have 5rs. What if I tell him that I don't have money. Will he drop me? What if he drops me. Okay, Sir." nodded the boy. 

It's a long way. The boy has shared an address but it seemed quite long. It''s not on my way. I have to take another turn for you. It's long. You need to pay 5rs more. ordered the police. 

"Is there a way that 5rs get multiplied into 15rs? No. But still, "Okay sir." said the boy. 

They reached the place. At distant, there's home. Through the sand, they need to walk. The boy got down. 

"Sir. Here's the money and handed  five rupee note."

"What's this?!

I only have this sir. I thought that if I tell the truth, you'd drop me midway. I didn't want to take the risk. 

The face frowned.  It got twitches. 

The boy also gave a concession. If you want money. My home is a bit ahead. I need to walk. If you come with me. I will pay you the extra ten rupees. 

The police were furious with the boy's lies and also the offer. Give it, Plucked the coin from the boy's hand, and hit the pedal cursing his time. 

Bhut ki Gali, Bhut Ped. A lot of stories were shared. 

I enjoyed the session. Many teachers enjoyed it. Good time. 

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