Thursday, August 27, 2020

Short Story- The Shelf has it all

Of the giant size of a book shelf comprising encyclopedia, the fantasy fiction, the chick lit novel that accompanied me in the late teens.

Comprising from childhood enid Blyton, classics, to the full volumes of sherlock Holmes collection.

From Nancy Drew to Percy Jackson, the shelves has it all.

Chick lit novels that accompanies in my lates teens, fifty shades of grey that disappointed in great time to sidney sheldon full collection.

A big no to biographies resulted in no place in the shelf.

From the work related books to finally Bhagavad Git which I chanced upon to gain clarity in my burden some clueless life.

Look at the hard covers, paper backs, in few books, the wraps that are given by crushes are treasured. The proposal rose I recieved stayed but the boy who bubbled with infatuation in teen had left.

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