Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Baba's breakfast.

Baba wakes up early and gets on to his work. He sweeps the floor, clears the drainage, picks up the leaves, water the plants, feed the dogs and the cow.  He does a lot of work singing to his heart and bathing under the open tap.

At 10 am, he sat down for his breakfast. His breakfast includes 2 Roti and mixture. Roti is very convenient. We don’t need to make our hands dirty at all. Pick up the roti, get a pickle or mixture. Eat it. No need of plate as well. He added a mixture in the middle of the roti. 
I went to collect water, he asked, "Pouni Nahi hee?"  in his gargled voice.

"Naashta Karre?" I said, "Chawal baana re.  Aap kaathe, chaawal?"

"Nah. Hum baati kaave." 

Good for you Baba. Hum bhi raat ko bhaati kaave. 

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