Monday, May 4, 2020

Day 41 0f 54( 4.May.2020)

Woke up to the chores and morning pages. I was on full writing mode to put my dream on pages. Timed my morning pages and I took 20 minutes to jot down my thoughts. Quick recipe of salt, lemon and ginger, I sipped while reading Leonardo's biography. I enjoy reading Walter Issacson's book. Once done with the reading, the time went off in various ways. I managed to make a progress in course, drawing and few calls.

'Asking without assuming is helping a lot and making the work a lot easier. Seniors are ready to mentor and quite helpful. Good place to learn. Worked on the draft as well. The dead line is nearing. Should push and reorganize my priorities.

The Camp Fire

The Sun rise

The Cute donkey

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