Thursday, May 7, 2020

Stories with Sherry Turkle

During my time at TCS, I often visited library to check out the books and Shiva welcomed me always with a hearty smile.  Spending such time in the library, I found the book, 'Reclaiming Conversations' by Sherry Turkle.

The book title attracted me and I went on to read about empathy and how children are losing it. Given time, when I had to talk about social issues, the issue I could relate was 'connections and conversations.' It seemed to be the first world problem but, that's the problem I am connected to. I can talk about poverty, child labor and many more topics which I know about but, didn't learn. 

I went on to present this issue in my interview,as I am deeply connected to it. And people were amused to listen to me talk about gadgets and connection on being asked about the social issue. Well that's my social issue then. That's how I got to know Sherry Turkle.

Here's the podcast by Monoush Zomorodi with Sherry Turkle,

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Sherry's TED Talk

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Favourite quotes from her talk.

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