Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Made in Heaven- Series

Sobhita Dhulipala. 

I remember watching her in one Telugu movie and found her accent irritating. I never bothered to check her other movies as, my memory of getting irritated to her accent flashed everytime, I saw her on web.

Azith suggested me to check out 'Made in Heaven.' Glad, he suggested me. 

Made in Heaven is a depiction of the society and it's conflicts. Starring Sobhita, Arjun Mathur,  Shashank Arora,  Jim Sarbh, Shivani Raghuvanshi and various other actors.


Relations in society is built on various factors. The advancement of the society, bringing men and women on the work field equally, created a time to  reflect on our values and traditions. We talk about patriarchy as if, it's of past and rural practice. In this series, we get to see how urban population practice patriarchy and lose in the  practices of rituals, traditions that hamper and break few relations, make some relations. 

 Also, in this series, there's no protagonist and antagonist. All the characters have their stories and justified to their actions. The directors and writers got out great script playing in theh grey areas of values and ethics. 
We can witness the patriarchy in a subtle yet hard hitting way. With plastic sexuality as sub plot, the values are looked through conflicting way. Shashank Arora is the wise weed guy whom I found as funny and witty character in the series. 

Enjoyed watching. 

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