Sunday, May 3, 2020


There are two different types of communication skills. One is  Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills (BICS) and Cognitively Advanced Language Proficiency (CALP). I suspect that 7th class few kids achieved the  Basic Interpersonal Communicative skills. 

Everytime I go to school after long break, students come  and talk to me.

“How are you feeling today?” asked one kid.

“Take my book.” Said one kid handing out her book.

“No.” Says one girl at times.

Many kids speak many things and I wonder how the opportunity is created. Do they talk to me only because I’m their English teacher whom I taught.

Do they talk to others as well. Do they get opportunity to speak?

Is it not our responsibility to give realistic opportunities to speak in conversations rather than breaking our heads and also pushing them with the drama scripts to improve the ‘speaking’ we interpret.

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