Friday, May 1, 2020

Day 38 of 52

The days are being extended. We are in the green zone. And it gives a bit of relief. But, I can't imagine the anxiety to live in a red zone.  Kadapa got out of the red zone. It's in the orange zone. 

I woke up early to the sunrise. Enjoyed waking up early. Worked on morning pages. Spent 20 minutes on phone figuring out the messages. The phone can wait. I can reschedule it to 10.30 am. 

Made progress with Stories at Work. I got introduced to a lot of business terms. Enjoyed the case studies. Created a story based out on animals again. This time, it's a lion and the rat story. On continuing the classic Lion and the Rat story. Included the medicine and the human element as well. Creating stories out of nowhere. I am enjoying. I spent half time dancing and singing loud. It's refreshing to jump around and sing aloud without any audience. Attended a few calls and meetings. 
I called a day by listening to the news of an extension of lockdown. 

I spoke to Priyanka and Azit. Got to know about the Bechdel test and many more interesting facts. 

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