Monday, May 4, 2020

Mansi & I - Observe

'Abhinay' calls out Mansi as I take my way. I look at her. She smiles, 'Uncle Ji' Kya Karre ho?!

Her sweet smile and simple questions make me stop for a conversation. Mansi and her mom with Little Nyra sit at the door and caught up a conversation with me.

'How do you spend your day?' asked Mansi's mom. Mansi joined, 'I'll tell how uncle Ji spends his time. Uppar ghoomte rehte ho. Aur phone pe baat karthe rahte ho.' Quiet observant. She watches mem every time I am on the terrace. Our conversations went on from what we cook to what we carry in the white bag which Dyu carries everyday.

Mansi has a message for Dyu,  "Uncle Ji, Woh Uncle ji bataaya mereku padaana sikaayege bolke. Unko Pucho kab sikhayega mereko." Will convey it my little friend.

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