Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Day 42 of 54(6.May.2020)

Woke up with the a 3 hour extended power cut.  From 7 am-10am.  The chores and morning pages are breeze these days. I set up the time. Quickly wrote down on the to-do list and worked accordingly. Managed to work on most of the things. Worked through classes, conference calls and many ideas. I got many ideas which I'm not typing. I need to write rather than thinking I guess.

I had the question, 'What stops us from thinking big?'   Got to know a bit about our limitations. Worked on the new story idea.

Mansi walked in directly and started playing this time. Nyra was ecstatic and full of laughter. Spent few minutes conversing with Mansi and Nyra. Called it a day with few calls. Spoke to Harry and Pooja. Good day.

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