Monday, May 4, 2020

Baba & I - Conversations

'Baba' we call him. He comes every night and sleeps over at the home, guarding the house. Too old to work but, still he never rests. He  works every day and sings songs every day.

'It rained and the cot got wet. Didn't you see,' he asked.

'No.' I replied.

'The cot is wet and the pillow as well. Check it out other time.' reminded Baba. I said, 'Okay.' and asked, 'Early morning, you sing a lot. What do you sing?'

"Mui?" Geet?

"Krishna Baghwan and something," he said.

"Mui." is Mei in Hindi. I in English. His words, "Mui" reminded me of Diva who taught me what does "Mui aave haathi" means.  "I will also come with you."

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