Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Quotes from 'Escaping Tradition' by David Gribble.

"I remember the forgiveness of all the punishment. Ironically, punishments are given to teach. Forgiveness taught me more than what punishment failed to teach me."

"I had scorned to co-operate with the system but, it seemed to make sense to want to cooperate with people."

"It was far more effective than a caning would have been."

"Some teachers apparently think it better to give  wrong information than  ti admit that you don’t know."

"I remember plenty more about what teachers did, but! & just do not remember them teaching me anything."

"I did learn a little science, which was strange because it was hardly taught at Eton when I was there."

 "My failures and difficulties with learning perhaps had more influence on my later ideas than my success did."

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