Sunday, May 3, 2020

Stories from Sirohi- Conversations over cooking

Over the cooking time, Dyu and I discussed how the children would turn out. It started from Harshith from 1st class. Kelam, Poornima, Kareena, Alpesh, Devender, from 2nd class. Geeta, Lalit, Neithik, Bhagwati, Jaisal, Bhoomika from 3rd class. Sheetal, Sonali, Prathigya from 4th class. Payal from 5th class. Kanchan, Diva, Rupi, Mukesh and Ravindra from 7th class. Sugna, Chetan, Riyaz, Krishna & Chiku from 8th class.And my little friends, Ashok, Nanu and Lonu. Glad to meet these lads.

Every kid is special in her own way.

With the primary school  children, they grow fast. In the span of years, we can witness the growth. All these kids grow up in no time.

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