Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Music- Making difference through their voices.

Shreya composed and penned down a song, 'She.' As a part of N.Studio project, she has done it. Shreya brought a flavor by her voice. She sung it beautifully.

Sharayu recently sang a cover of 'Laali Laali' from the movie Indira. Lullaby that put me to sleep last night.

Today, Teju shared a cover of , 'Raat Hamaari Toh' from the movie, Parineeta. 

I'm so happy to listen to all my friend's songs. Funnily, last week, I was conscious of my screen time and decided to cut down social media. All these three days, I only spent 5-7 minutes on social watching these people's videos. I'm downloading the audio and listening to it offline. The experience of listening to the songs without distraction is enriching. I'm enjoying the experience.

As I get onto social media, there are so many other things that distract me. Even though, I listen to the songs,  I am not satisfied by the experience. Now, as I listen to it without any distraction, I am able to appreciate it a lot.

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