Saturday, May 2, 2020

Day 39 of 54 (2.May.2020)

Work, hobbies, other activities. I can’t do everything on the laptop. It’s energy-draining. I woke up to do morning pages and chores. These days, I’m trying to finish morning pages before any other work. I need to work on journaling and schedule time. Spent time watching a movie, Chaarulatha. Brilliant one.
At the afternoon, I attended TEDxPacific meet, evening, Handmade Tales by Vikram Sridhar and at evening tried watching TEDxNapier Bridge event. I watched it for some time and I realized my screen time is 6.5 hours. I need to cut down my screen time.

I spoke to Ankush, Anuradha Ji. These days, my phone usage is less. I need to still cut down my phone time.  

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