Thursday, July 28, 2022

Travel Diaries- Empty Spaces

The more I travel, the more I see places as empty spaces, ready to be filled by presence and leave the spaces empty by our absences. There's no land, mother land, town, home town, house, home, room, living room. There's space that's occupied and there's space that's yet to be occupied. 

I keep hopping from spaces and try to fill the void where it's empty and make the space empty by creating void. In this whole game of filling and emptying spaces, I don't seek a home, house, room.

I'm interested by the word, "Empty Space." How do we define empty space? What make a space filled? What makes a space empty? Does human presence fill the void of the space? Does human creation fill the void of space? Does space have anything to do with the human? Spaces are empty and filled by various other things. 

I got interested as I keep shifting places, hotel rooms and guest houses. Where's a space? I live in multiple spaces. An interesting thought to ponder

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