Monday, July 18, 2022

Music- Classical Music for the go

 During College, I was trying to listen to a lot of different music genres. Then, I was listening to violin solo. Slowly, I fell in love with the orchestral music. Later, I jumped into Classical music. Held onto Vivaldi, Beethoven and got spell bounded by the energy the classical music bring as well as the soothing vibes, it brings.  

I had no idea what this music is all about. Do I need to understand music to listen to it. I like listening to them. Let me just listen to them, I decided and went on listening to classical music. 

If I have to listen to some classical music, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky are some whom I listen to often.

Today, I discovered Jenkins, Concerto Grosso for Strings "Palladio": I. Allegretto. Very Gripping Piece. If you love exploring different genres, try out classical, you'll not regret.

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