Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Jaipur Journals- The Preparation

Tomorrow, I have to begin my work trip. Besides leaving the house, I've to mentally prepare for this travel. Leaving the house for two weeks and getting onto the new routine, I need to be aware of all the process.  

I took my own time to realize that there's a need to do some homework to settle into this life style. 

In the beginning of my work travel, after a few trips, I could realize that I have my own way in processing these travels. I do not miss my home when I'm on trip. I do not miss travel when I'm home. How am I trying to be present, in the place I am, I thought. By being aware of all that I go through during the transitions, I realized. Eureka, I cracked it. I need to stay with the transition rather than avoid it, I learnt. And I always did this whenever I changed places. In the past, I changed places every 2 years or so. Now,  changing places for every two weeks and then, made it bit difficult to process.  So, a  evening before I travel is a much needed solitude time I put for myself. 

Today, I generally took my own time, walking around, making a list of to-do things mentally. Clean the house, organize the books, paintings, get the cycle in. Do not leave the trash. Switch off  all the lights and fans. I tell myself that I'm gonna miss all the plays. I can't meet A till I return. I can't paint. 

Thinking of painting, I reached the table, before I was about to hit the bed. I painted two paintings and I'm happy with the paintings I made. Every time, I tell myself, that I'd spend only few minutes and even after half an hour, I'd still be fiddling with one canvas. 

Basically, I got to be aware of the space I'd be living in. I can't expect the house comfort in a hotel space. I can't expect a hotel service in the home. It's not as easy as I tell myself. I always cringe when I don't have anyone to come and clean my house. That's me expecting a hotel room service in the home. 

Calling it a day hoping for full on traveling tomorrow. 

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