Saturday, July 2, 2022

Movie- Superman of Malegaon

I do not remember who suggested me this movie, "Superman of Malegaon". This is a documentary on people of Malegaon, who makes a super hero film with whatever resources they have in their small town. This documentary takes us into the lives of Malegaon film lovers. They're passionate about movies. We get to see the ordinary humans living their dreams. 

Malegaon is a remote place in the state of Maharashtra in India. It's hub of power handlooms, poverty, hardships. Amidst such dull life, people relieve themselves through movies. They got video halls in which they watch the movies. 

Faiz Ahmad Khan directed this documentary really well, letting us take a peak into the lives of Malegaon people. 

Talking about why there are no women actress in the movie, a writer mention, "It's because of our thinking. And it's because of our poverty. Due to poverty, we don't pursue education. Without education, our thinking doesn't develop. It's a vicious cycle."

The director who is passionate about movies doesn't let his brother get into it. "It's just hobby. Do not see future in this. There's no future in it," he advises his brother constantly. Such a paradox where he's living his passion and doesn't let his loved ones get into it because, does he care for his loved ones?

Sneha Khanwalkar has worked on music for this documentary.  I still do not know who has suggested me this movie. Glad, I saved it to watch it later. If you're interested in documentaries, it's a must watch. 

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