Thursday, July 7, 2022

Conversations and Camus

Talking about development and society, Mr.N has explained me one of the theories, he was recently reading. The Three Stages of Positivism by Auguste Komt. 

The society advances through three stages. 

1) Theological Stage

2) Metaphysical Stage

3) Positive Stage

Right now, we're mostly in the second stage where we work without thinking much. N referred to an incident where, he mentioned it's the adoloscents and young minds who reacted but, not the adults or old people, which means that our society thinking is still in this stage. 

As we go into scientific stage, we begin to question."he began to explain. 

 Is it the ideal stage, I asked?

"The whole science stands on questioning and life can't be lived only with the questioning. Once if we begin to believe without questioning, dogma arises and then forms a new movement," clarified N. 

Will that happpen? I asked. 

It's not about future. It's already happening, N shared about scientology, a new religion which is formed based on the the new development. 

There are 1001 religions which we do not know. Also, to discuss Gender and the notion of human nature, N suggested these two books. Albert Camus: The Stranger and Simon De Bouvair: The Second Sex

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