Sunday, July 10, 2022

Jaipur Journals- The Strolls

 The weather is so good that I'm carrying my poncho, in case of sudden rain and hitting the roads. These days, I stopped carrying my headphones and sometimes my phone as well to focus on the walk. Earlier, I was very particular about the numbers as well, like 2 km walk, 4 km walk. 5 km walk but, now I'm just going with how I feel. 

As I feel to be outdoors, I get out and begin to walk on the airport road or the roads next to them. This time, I spotted a lot of peacocks squeaking in their shrilled voice. 

The blue skies and cold breeze seemed to be the best weather for  the walks. Many a times, it's very difficult not to think. We want to walk for certain distance, listening to certain music, carrying certain devices. I'm trying to detach from these old patterns and just walk. The casual slow strolling seems to help me unwind and trust the process of life. 

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