Saturday, July 2, 2022

Music- Yodhaka by Pradeep, Susha, Darbuka Siva & Keba

 It was Past 12 AM. Shreya and I were engaged in life conversations. In the background, Nikhil was playing music. Shreya was sharing how her life is going on and I was narrating my Jaipur life to her. All through these conversations, I couldn't ignore the soothing music, Nikhil was playing. 

What's the name of this song? I enquired. The train of conversation got shifted to music and we discussed the album-Yodhaka, from which, the songs were being played. We talked about the artists of the album, Keba, Pradeep Kumar and how Keba left the band as he didn't wanted to be a part of band which was worshipping a different faith than his. Sad to hear this kinda events from the artists who liberate everyone with music which is same to all kinda faith listeners. 

My favourites from this album are Shwetaambara, Vasudev Sutham

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