Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Stories on Wheels- Ola Drivers and their lack of communication skills

Are OLA drivers a good lovers?

I seriously wonder if Ola drivers are any good as lovers. Because, a good lover is good at communication. For now, let's focus on verbal communication.  I feel that Ola (Jaipur)drivers are pathetic at communicating. I book a cab, they call out with a lot of queries like, Where do you have to go? How much is the bill?  Where are you? 

When they listen to the answers. 'Okay I'm coming,' and canceling the ride is one answer. Okay but, still cancel out after 5 minutes is another answer. Silence and then cutting the call as well as the ride, is the usual answer. Very rarely, I hear people saying, "no sir, book another cab, I may not be able to come." Their reasons of rejecting a ride could be plenty but, the basic communication of saying 'no' is never heard. 

Why do they have to feel bad to say no. I requested for a ride. Algorithim mapped to the nearby and he has an option of canceling out the ride. After listening if the ride is worthy or not, he's canceling out. He can cancel out, communicating clearly so that, there's no room of assumption and wait for him for 3-4 minutes, looking at the car icon and wishing it to move ahead. 

Ola, it's high time, you need to help your drivers to improve their communication skills. 

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