Sunday, July 24, 2022

Gulbarga Days- A long walk

I look forward to come to this place to enjoy the long walks on early mornings and late evenings. On an early morning, I came out for a walk and strolled around the campus. Despite being occupied with work, I prioritse to take walks regulary at this place. 

At 7PM, I went out for a walk watching the cloudy blue sky. It's a breezy evening and the road is deserted without a single bike to ride on the wet black road. I walked in the centre of the road watching the trees located sparsely. 

Watching the trees from a far distance, I wished to have a closer look and also wanted to walk on the green grass. 

A lot of thoughts gushed in. Breathe turned heavier.  As thoughts gushed in, they also got evaporated in a same manner. Step by step, I was watching the tiny flowers amidst the green grass. 

This particular tree looked like a couple performing a dance, when I saw it for the first time. It still looks like a couple dancing to me after so many months. After spending good time in this place, I returned to the road watching the trees with the backdrop of dim blue sky. 

As I continued walking, I began to jog and then run. It's always nice to enjoy this low light evening walks.

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