Sunday, July 3, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Back at Jawahar Kala Kendr

Being intuitive about sunday theatre play, I cycled to Jawahar Kala Kendr. The play was about to being at 6PM. I arrived at JKK by 6.30 PM. Thankfully, the show got delayed and the moment I walked into theatre, the show got started. It was a play called, "Lapat."

It was set up during 1850s where two Indian girls fought against Sati and venture into British Raj. Slowly, they realise, they're not respected there as well and continue to strive for their life. 

This play was performed by under privileged Children and directed by Muktha. Of all, there was an artist who played the role of Krishna as well as British Lady. Enjoyed it. 

Soon after the play, I got to meet theatre fellows one by one. Vijay, Pooja, Somesh, Anuranjan, Kamlesh and a few more interns(Ashish) Abhishek regaled us with some past stories and acting. He always come up with good suggestions. This time, he suggested me to watch Peter Brook Mahabharata who only has one Indian casted in the epic-Mahabharatha.

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