Sunday, July 10, 2022

Movie- Virata Parvam

 2022. Telugu

A girl leaves her family, home, village, in search of her love, whom she found him through his words and aspires to join him, in the fight, which he took up to bring revolution in the society. 

This is based on a  true incident Sarala's death. Sai Pallavi is at her best depicting the tender love as well the brave heart. This is Sai Pallavi's movie rather than a typical hero heroine movie. Rana plays a pivotal character but, it's not about him. 

I loved the way how literature has brought difference in protagonist's life in the movie. Also, there's a scene where Sai Pallavi's father talks about madness. If you feel for the love, the way I feel for stories, it's all the same, go for what you want to pursue, he encourages her daughter to do what she wants to do. Lovely writing Venu. Loved it. 

And also, amazing music composition. Loved to hear the Telangana slang on the big screen movies.  

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