Saturday, July 16, 2022

Movie- The Green Book

2018. English

This movie is based out of a real story. An African-American pianist Dr.Shirley wants a driver. Frank Tony lip  Valalonga, an Italian American wants a job. Philip have to drive Dr.Shirley to Deep south states of America for a music tour. In that journey, both get into a beautiful friendship. During the course, Philip teaches Shirley many small things and shares his life.  As Shirley picks a few like-how to eat the fried chicken, he tries to teach Philip a few etiquettes. With a few like picking the plastic trash Philip drops on roads, he succeeds but, in a few like stealing stones in thrift shop, he persists but fails hard. 

As they're on a long tour, Frank's wife asks him to write letters. He manages to write a few. Dr.Shirley steps in to help him to be more expressive. 

In 1960s, there was a worse discrimination towards blacks. I believe that it's still there and the discrimination has turned more subtle and more sophisticated. When Shirley performs, he would be appreciated on stage but, the moment he steps down, he's hardly given respect. One of the hosts refuse him to use the washroom used by any white person. Besides that, Charles would be guided to use a shanty loo in the backyard. Charles refuses and suggests that he heads back to hotel to use. The host prefer the time delay, rather than him using the washroom. This clearly depicts how discriminative were the whites towards blacks.

Since Charles is black, he can't stay in any type of hotel. There are specific hotels for the colored. There's book titled, 'Green book,' a guide to the colored for the stays and other facilities in America.  

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