Saturday, July 2, 2022

Stories on Wheels- The random ride on the hills

Determined to cycle in the hills, I requested friends to offer me a cycle but, I couldn't get one. Lastly, Saurav lent his bike for a ride. "it's going to be chilly at the peaks," cautioned Narasimha, "get a jacket."

I requested the hotel owner I was staying in. He was generous and lent me a new under armour jacket. Wearing the jacket, helmet, I began my ride on the hills. I had no clue about my destination. I stopped wherever I felt like and just went on watching the hills and the empty benches with a best view. 

I drove more than 30 kms not knowing where I was going. I stopped in between, just to take all the silence and bask in the sun. It looked like, I entered into one of the villages in the hills. Hardly, there was any commutation on the road beyond a point.  I checked out the life in the hills, especially in a village, set up in the hills. 

With this journey, I could change the way I visualise a village. In general, I have a typical visualisation of village, as I only saw villages in plains. Villages in hills are very different from the villages in the hills. 

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