Sunday, July 10, 2022

Play- Nar Vaidehi by Anil Marwari

 2022. Hindi. 

In a theatre company, an actor begins to play character Sita and starts to live up to the character, behaving like Sita. The antagonist. village head, wants Sita to dance in front of the crowd, will Sita accept and does as Village head demands is the play. 

I found this play-within-play interesting. The first play-within-play I watched was Banswara Company and this is the second one. The Sita is pious and dedicates her love to Ram. Just, like the Ramayan, will Ram accepts Sita, is the big question. 

The writer has constantly hit the crucial questions of Ramayan through play-within-play and also, every character brought a lot of intensity in the play. 

Be it, Private, the emcee of the play, wearing LED lit pants and torch light highlight his face or the prompter who's always disappointed with the co-actors who forget their dialogues.

The only draw back of the play was it's place. Watching it from very near by, the audience had tough time to shift their focus on extreme ends of the stage simultaneously. At one side, there'd be soliloquy and on the other end, there'd be a whole lot of characters performing. It was too tough to decide, where to focus. 

A NewYorker, Sarah Rivers also performed in the play. It seemed that, she learnt Hindi and is fluent in her own way. Brilliant performance everyone. Wonderful writing Anil Marwari. Looking forward to watch more of your plays. 

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