Monday, July 18, 2022

Stories in frames- Why not put it out?

 I never started painting to put it out for sale. Also, I'm attached to a lot of paintings as they're inspired by moments, people and memories. In the beginning, I used to gift the paintings a lot, even though, people hardly appreciated them. 

I stopped gifting paintings when I realized that people are not really accepting my gifts. Also, one of my friend M, suggested, "Begin to live with your paintings. Don't escape from them by giving it away." 

From then, I began to store my paintings. Now, I have more than 100+ paintings. I approached one painting to give it away. And before I thought to give it away, I thought, why can't I ask for money, in return?

And when I thought of pricing it, I didn't wanted to see what is affordable price for the buyers. I went ahead with what I feel, the painting deserves. When I felt, my painting deserves 2900, I thought if I can go ahead and put that price. If not me, who's going to believe in my art. I didn't wanted to feel bad for not pricing what I feel. Expensive it may seem, but that's what I feel that painting deserves. My effort, time, paints, canvas deserve it. I don't want to feel  that my time, efforts, paints, canvas deserve very little money. 

Let me prioritize and respect my efforts and time, I thought and went ahead with it. These two are the paintings I put for sale.  

8*8  Canvas Title: CIVILISATION  Price: Rs.3900 + Shipping Charges

8*8 Canvas Title: PURSUIT Price: 2900+ Shipping Charges

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