Monday, July 10, 2023

Colourless- Thank you Pooja

I've seen ample number of performances by Pooja. Love her work and the way she presents herself on the stage. I'm grateful i got this opportunity to work with her. Working with Pooja on the colourless, she guided in my right direction, listening to all my random ideas and gently helping me to see how crazy and not-so-contextual they are.  Watching her, I learnt a lot on how to handle oneself on stage. She handles herself so well that I'm in awe of her performance and hated myself for being so mediocre infront of her. Nevertheless, I feel it's an amazing opportunity to work with her and learn from her. I wanted to share a lot of things to her and I ended up writing a poem to her, thanking for everything. 

Planned to walk
Over the memories and moments
Over teh colours and crossed paths
Joyful soul, I ran into
Amidst the colourful city- The
Pink city. Amor she is
Regaling her self with pens, pondering thoughts
Elated I'm, to spend seconds, minutes and hours with her
Making memories, learning life lessons through her

Soulful artist she is, strolling with a mellow voice
Apprising her thoughts through silences and smiles
Heartened I am, to listen to her
Alive, I fell
Yearning to walk again
Crossing paths
Creating memories
Cherishing experiences

Thank you so much Pooja for everything.

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