Monday, July 10, 2023

Colourless Exhibition- The ones who made it all

I'm grateful to see how a intense random wish comes true with help of all the loved ones.  July.2.2023, the wish has turned into reality. All thanks to these lovely people who stood by and stayed with me and supported me all through out. As soon as I arrived at Jaipur from Bangalore, I reached out to Pooja and bombarded the idea of Colourless poetry performance. I'm grateful to her, for agreeing to work on the idea and help me to craft the beautiful piece. She also put up with my random, crazy ideas which we had to cut it out for obvious reasons. Along with her, stayed Somesh, being poised and advising wherever needed.  In the span of a week we got to prepare, despite a lot of intense schedule, Pooja's commitment and dedication to her work, is inspiring. While we were brainstorming ideas, Chandrika walked in sharing some suggestions. Thanks Chandrika for those brainstorming ideas. It really helped. 

Everyone were quite supportive and curious of how it was turning out to be. While juggling on lot of engagements, Vritika, in the last three days, walked in with a grace and handled everything that fell in the right place. Besides full support in all the errands, she worked on the lights and emceeing which set the right mood for the evening. Gaurav composed the whole exhibition and set it up from the scratch. Along with him, stayed Ashish. Gaurav did the hard job of fixing the paintings and setting it up in the space. Thanks a lot Gaurav for jumping in and also for being a rock pillar support, gently. 

No sooner Ashish knew my interest in painting, he always took a special interest and helped me by sharing little tips here and there. In the last week of my Jaipur journey, Ashish took up the responsibility and curated my art for this exhibition. Thanks a lot Ashish. 

Colourless wouldn't have been so colourful, if not for the print images of my paintings in my book. Anuranjan a.k.a AJ helped me at the crucial moment, handing out his camera to digitze my paintings for the book. On the special day, again, he walked with the camera and did the magic. Thanks to him, the Colourless memories are in color-bright and beautiful. 

L to R- Somesh, Gaurav, Myself, Vritika, Pooja, AJ, Sitting-Ashish

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