Thursday, July 27, 2023

Sirohi to Switzerland - Thinking Intuitively

 Listening to various accounts and other usual fears, I got swamped by a lot of negative thoughts. I may not be able to stay connected with my family, I may struggle at foreign land, I may starve, I may not really enjoy, I may miss my people and a lot more. 

For once, I realised that I'm thinking too logically. Given the finance situation and other conditions, I've begun thinking that I may struggle in every aspect. Reflecting on my history, I've never faced any difficulty despite the odds I was at. I lived in a small town where I got a great house to live, with a hill view. 

I never had a problem for food. I never compromised on houses, even in the big cities. I lived in the best space at unbelievable economical rent. 

In the course of 6 years work life, I had the best bosses. No complaints at all! Also, I got flexibility in my work life from Day1. If I continue, the list is too long to note. 

All these happened in my life very organically. If I had begun to think logically, none of the above, would be logical, in my life. 

I have realised that I need to leap in and believe. Stockdale Paradox. Face the brutal reality yet, always believe in what you have always wanted. 

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