Sunday, July 9, 2023

Stories on Wheels- Namma Yatri

 After a poetry session at Koramangala, I chose to walk on the by lanes rather than take the main road. After a distance, I tried few apps to get a ride for more than 10 minutes. After trying out on Ola, Uber & Rapido, I went ahead and asked the nearby Autoperson. Haggled a bit but decided to take me to my destination. 

Talking of apps, this person has suggested me Namma Yatri, a better app than any of those Ola, Uber and Rapido as they charge the rider and driver and take more percentage. Curious of Namma Yatri, I enquired and got to know more about it. Further we discussed on Bangalore traffic and his personal journey. 

Venkatesan aged 60 as of this year, has been driving auto since 20+ years. "I ventured into road works, building works and alot more. After all the hustle, I took an auto and am riding it from 20 years." 

 "I chose to go when I wish to. I rest when I want to." He stated. We had the whole conversation in Kannada and he asked where I was hailing from. Parvagilla, Kannada channa barathu. He complemented on my kannada spoken skills. Credits should got to all my Kannadiga friends. 

Thanks Venkatesan. I'm glad I didn't go the app way to choose a ride. 

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