Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Movie- Thiruchitrambalam

I watched the trailer and never bothered to watch this movie. I wonder why I chose to ignore this movie for so long? I enjoyed watching this. 

Pazham & Shobhana are childhood friends and live in their small world. Pazham(Dhanush) lives with his grandfather & father with whom there's a difficult dynamics. Pazham doesn't talk to his father but shares a beer with the grandfather. Grandfather is a pivot in their life since the time the son has lost her mother and sister due to father's small mistake.  

Shobhana plays the child hood friend who cheers for every high and share a shoulder whenever there's a heart break & low point in life. As the tiff relation between father and son goes awry, the grandfather witnesses for a better patch up. What happens in their lives as the time pass by is the movie. 

The movie is like a breeze where it takes you for a ride and makes you smile at the end. Enjoyed it. 

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