Saturday, July 15, 2023

Au Revoir Jaipur

After moving in and out of several places I've realised that we leave places and we need to accept that. Sunshine or rainfalls, we can not return to the exact place, we lived as it is always a past.  Several times, not being ready to accept the feelings, we tell ourselves 'it's not a good bye, see you soon.' In reality, even though we may return to the same place, it'd never be the same. The place grows, we grow and it's a dream to return to the past which we cherish. 

On 3.July.2023, I'm leaving Jaipur. I began my day late and headed to Maah Space to fetch the paintings and other material. As soon as we went there Vritika and Gaurav were waiting for us. There's nothing much to talk about. Their hugs and handshakes communicated a lot. Another moment to be grateful for having meeting these beautiful people and spending time with them. Shailja and I packed and returned home getting all the paintings. No sooner, we reached, the Gati packers were ready to pack and move the stuff. In hurry, we did all the packing. In the last minute, Shailja helped me pack and we could pack everything in such a short notice. 

Every friend who visits my place gets a chance to catch up with Piyush ji. Shailja & I sat for half an hour with Piyush ji, chatting about everything. Piyush ji wished me the best and gave a lot of advice on handling documents, artefacts, paintings. "This is just the beginning. Continue doing what you do," he wished me on my painting journey. 

Like old times, Shailja and I had our lunch from Behrouz Biryani discussing JNU, movies and all that we love about. 

Given an hour time to rest, we packed our bags and did some random blur hazy photography. Shailja to Delhi and I'm off to the city, for one last time. 

We headed to Gandhi Nagar Railway Station and Shailja bidded good bye saying, "keep sharing all that you do when you move to Switzerland." I'm so happy to have her on the most important day of my life. 

I was puzzled on my next destination as I had few hours before I head to airport. I planned to visit old city but, moved to WTP due to traffic. Walked a bit and headed to office on Abhishek's suggestion. Caught up with Paresh, Parul, Pooja, Shravan, Avina, Sanjeev. Went out with Parul and Pooja for a fruit juice. I'm so happy that they finally moved on from the chai.

Along with Abhishek, I headed to Jawahar Kala Kendr for one last time. Ashish joined us and we spent some time chatting. Finally as I had to leave, we took few pictures and Ashish took me on a ride to drop me at the airport. 

We went to office to pick my bags and he gifted me a wallet, a pocket notebook, along with the pen. In the wallet, he put 101 rupees, saying, his mother gave that money, advising that one should not gift an empty wallet. 

Thanks Ashish for the gift. Means a lot. Finally, we reached airport and I walked in, trying to be in the present and be thankful for everything I had till then. 

This moments and time would never repeat for me or for anyone. I'm glad to take up this journey and move ahead from here. Thanks everyone for making this as beautiful as it can be. 

Until next time and even if next time doesn't come, will cherish and celebrate you Jaipur. Au Revoir. 

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