Sunday, July 30, 2023

Garden of Love and Compassion: Mindful Education in the 21st Century | L...

After a long time, I enjoyed watching this TEDx talk. Genla in his own style, sharing his story and also what compassion, love means. He gave a glimpse of what convenient and inconvenient compassion means. 

There's more about how we need to unbecome rather than become right from the childhood, as none of our childhoods begin with goodness. 

It's time we change our question- How do you want to contribute to the Humanity rather than what do you want to become?

This talk starts and ends with a simple story that's striking and stayed with me. 

A person asked  Buddha, 'What have you gained from Meditation'

"I have gained nothing" Buddha replied, "but I have a lost a lot. My anger, my anxiety, my insecurity, my greed & my fear."

The Last Story- 

"What's the best medicine for pain?"


"What if it doesn't work?"

"Increase the Dose."

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