Monday, July 31, 2023

Jaipur Journals- The Traveling Trio again

I found these pictures from our Delhi-Uttarakhand trip where Jeet bhai and I traveled to Delhi, Malavika reached Delhi and was waiting for us. We began this journey on April 17. The day after I decided to work on Colourless. 

This time, we took a bus ride to Delhi rather than the usual train route. Train or bus, we never sit idle when we traveled. We discussed work and many more ideas, issues that was happening around us. 

As soon as we reached Delhi, Sandeep picked us up at one point and we were off to Dineshpur. 

Jeet Bhai on Phone

Our bags neatly lined up in Sandeep's Car

Malavika and Jeet Bhai at Metro Transit

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