Thursday, July 13, 2023

Making of Colourless Art Exhibition

I wanted to work on exhibition and had no idea where to start. I approached Malavika for the help and she suggested me couple of ways to approach the galleries and spaces. I listed down the spaces I wanted to try and finalised one space that I really wish to work with- Maah Space. I shared my new book-Colourless, on which I wanted to do an exhibition. Further checking out my work and the book, Shreya, owner of Maah Space decided to collaborate and host the exhibition. 

Blue Love

In a minute, both of us discussed the logistics and got it finalised. From another side, Ashish jumped in, to curate my work for this exhbition. He spent good time, checking out my art and posed right questions to know more about the paintings and the thoughts behind those paintings. 

As ashish curated the work, he guided me on how to go about it. First, get the work ready for the exhibition. That meant that, all the paintings need to be coated with varnish and screwed to hang in the gallery. 

I chose to go with Brustro Matte varnish as it would not give any glare under the light. I coated all the paintings. 

While Shreya and I decided on logistics, Kaamakshi, co-owner of Maah Space helped me in the operationalising it. Together, we walked through the space and discussed how I want my work to be placed. The lights, space and the nails at the right spots-everything got discussed and all the friends jumped in for some action. Vritika, Gaurav, Ashish, Pooja, Somesh helped in setting the work. I was merely walking around trying to compose the paintings in the space. All the hard work was done by my friends. Without them, I don't think, I'd have pulled this at such short notice. 

Soon after we hit the nails at the right place, tie the strings to the paintings and place the lights at the right spots, we left the space, excited to revist tomorrow. 

Next day, on the D-day, we walked in and Shailja was already there, equally excited for my exhibition and helped me out in finalising everything. Gaurav, Ashish into action. Despite sleep deprived, they slogged at the last minute, to finalise everything. 

Gaurav and Ashish at work while the studio person witnessing it all

Kamakshi suggested the seating space in the gallery. Shailja suggested for the playlist. I began to curate a playlist for my art exhibition. I was happy to create this playlist since there is a series titled in the exhibition- Paths,Playlists & Conversations. 

A lot of ideas and we changed our plans according to the time and energy we had in our hand. I wanted to place some text in the exhibition yet, some part of me wanted viewers to imagine what they wish to and share those stories with them. 

I didn't place any title or text near the paintings. Instead, I chose to place two poems of mine to display at the exhibition. 

For the rest, I wished to discuss with viewers instead of letting them read on their own. In retrospect, I realised that I couldn't catch up with many as a lot of people came at once. Neither their responses were captured nor my thoughts were shared with them. Hope they return to the art in their own way as we always do. 

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