Sunday, July 30, 2023

Movie- Songs of Scorpions

Ever since I got to know about this movie in 2019, I've been waiting to watch this. Starring Irrfan Khan & Golshifteh Farahani, set in rural Rajasthan. Nooran lives with her mother and sings along, to soothe and cure many people's illness, especially the one whom the scorpions are bitten. Aadam, a camel trader, falls in love with Nooran and follows her everywhere. As he begin to lure her into marriage by deceit, nooran eventually gets married to him and loses her mother, her soul and the spirit with which she sings to cure the pain. 

How she regains and finds her voice is the cinema. Set at realistic pace and striking raw background score, Irrfan Khan and Farahani are imppecable at it. I fell in love with desert, the voices, the lives and the stories that surround them, again and again. 

At once, I felt, it's easy to exoticise the Rajasthani artist's work and ignore their struggles and pain. To live in a desert and make a living in the world that's pacing crazily is an adventure. I've spend good time at Jaisalmer talking to people, artists, who lived there. How do they find a living in a seasonal economy?

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