Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Cloudy Cycling Ride

After a long time, I got back on my roadeo and headed to deserted roads. Despite being windy, I decided to go out for an hour or two. Sometimes, the wind was graceful and helped me to attain speed, sometimes it dragged me down and gave tough time. The sky was ready to burst at any second. At first, I was not keen to record the numbers for this ride but, used Strava to check out the details of the ride. Listening to some melodies, I went on for one and half hour, cycling 23 kilometres. Most of the time, the sight that grabbed my attention were the trees and some visual compositions arranged by discarded gates, roadside houses with children playing literally on the roads, the new green nurseries that I never spotted a year ago. 
No sooner I was a few metres away from home, it rained heavily and I got wet before I reach home. Enjoyed it. 

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