Sunday, July 30, 2023

Good Shopping Experience at Max

I'm never a big fan of brands and expensive tags that come along with. I find Max econimical and has the most comfortable wear. Mostly tees and some jeans. After buying a couple of shirts and pants, I returned to the store for size exhange. Mukthiyar picked my bag from the desk and offered me to help. He began to find out the size I wanted in the pant. We couldn't find it but subtly, he offered me the other varieties they got. He was there without intruding much, waiting for me to decide rather than deciding it for me. I went on to check other stuff and he found out the fabric I wanted and showed it to me to decide. As I returned to shop after a small accident, I couldn't hold the bag for long time. He held the bag through out and helped me till billing and made my shopping experience very smooth and enjoyable. Good job Mukthyar

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