Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Colourless Journey

On 18.May.2023, My publisher has called me and said the book-Colourless got listed on Amazon and is available for public to buy the book. He also couriered the copies to Bangalore from Delhi. I felt happy to listen to him and looked at the link. I looked at the book for couple of seconds and decided to share the news with few people. I'm grateful to have people who would be equally excited, happy, as you'd be, for your endeavours. 

I shared the news with dear ones. After a long wait, the books finally reached  on 24.May mid night at Azim Premji University, the place where I was staying. At night, I walked to the mail room and received the package. Taking out the book into our own hands is a very special moment. I had a smile, all over my face, taking out the book and shared the news with the person who handed out the package, "My new book is out. It's my 4th book." 

As I walked out, I ran into couple of people and then Bharath, a person who has great admiration for books and value them the most. I sat with him and showed him the book. I was happy to share the copy with him. He was excited for my endeavour and wished me the best. 

I spent good time at the campus, alone, reading my own book and looking at the print. The words in print has a different influence on you. As I was returning to room, I could already find my copy circulating amongst many of them for some glimpses. A few were curious. A few were impressed. I enjoyed watching the reader reactions to my writings. 

Next day on May 25, I walked out to Sonia, Malavika, Sonu, Jeet, Ruchi, Rajashri and a few more to share my work with them. I'm grateful to have people who were excited for my work and were supporting me all through out. 

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