Thursday, July 20, 2023

Movie- Labor Day

Recently as I had to answer the question- Favourite TV show/Film, I could think of few people and few movies. As it came by, I wrote- "All Golshifteh Farahani movies & Maryan(Tamil)"

Thinking on that question, now, I'd like to answer as, "All the movies I watched of Kate Winslet"

Katewinslet makes it all real. The first movie I watched of her, is Titanic and there are gems, I watch again and again just to fall in love with Kate winslet and her acting. 

A son and a mother lives alone in a house. An escaped convict walks into their lives and begin to stay with them. Eventually they find his mysterious past and will they stay together or not, is the cinema. 

I love the writing. There's so many perspectives to build from these three main characters- Henry-the son, Adele-the mother & Frank-the uninvited guest.

In the movie, there's drama throughout and watching this movie, I wondered if humans are wired for love. If we are wired for love, how are we also violent?  Does violence come out of love? If so, is it just?

I'd come back to this, like I return to all Kate winslet movies, when I wish to watch some brilliant mellow mood movie.

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