Saturday, June 22, 2019

Thoughts- Clueless with a lot of clarity.

In this world, how funny are we??  We grow up doing things we're not sure of. We do because people have done it before and we do not reflect on our wishes, wants, and be in the cycle making it a loop. While on the other side, the underprivileged try to realize their dreams, wishes but do not have the courage to dream because of their economic resources and tries to dream of what they see around. They want to get into the place where the clueless' lives

Grass is greener on the other side. Corporate Computer engineer gets the respect that's hard to get through a teaching job. Teachers think Engineers do a great job because they're creators. Engineers on the other end in a whole different situation which others can't think do the monotonous job thinking other jobs are pretty cool. With their lackluster knowledge of a few routines and real objective of the work, they do not get involved in work and does it without much attachment. I'm not speaking for everyone.


Everyone feels they're experts in the field enough to criticize their own field and appreciate the other field which they've to know the idea of. A few basic things they want to see. Fat paycheck. Little order they've set in and everyone thinks they got a class.


When does one start loving their work and stop comparing it to the delusional things of the other field.


Really? You do not really know. What goes into it?


Half of us are clueless with half of the clarity.  

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