Saturday, June 22, 2019

In dialogue with Gautam

Talking to Gautam, he shared, " I think, there are two people who are the reason why I'm thinking the way I'm thinking like this. It's Warren Buffet & A.P.J Abdul Kalam who influenced me.

There's a quote of Warren Buffet, which he talks about need.

If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need

"We do not need a lot of things yet we're tempted to acquire them. Thanks to consumerism." 

And also, A.P.J Abdul Kalam is the person who influenced me a lot. The kinda curiosity he engulfed in me is immense. He's the person who spent a lot of his time with kids. One needs to acknowledge how important it is to focus on the children, as they're the future."

I remember listening to Gautam sharing his passion for Lamborghini during the first days of engineering. His intense passion was easily visible by his extensive research on it and it's one of the traits that make him apart from us with casual interests. His passion paved for learning and did commendable work during engineering.  He was driven by the quest for learning. He worked on a drone prototype for his final project. Quite interesting stuff. 

Years passed and we caught up in a casual conversation on life and things that are worrying us. Both of us were on the same boat about the effects of social media and how humans are being downgraded eventually. 
He shared about soft robotics and jaw-dropping stories that are being researched on by tech giants.

We seemed to live in crazy times. While we pace up for the imaginative, crazy world, the real problems seemed to be immense. The water crisis in India & quality education is something that's scary. 

Besides all these, optimism and quest for learning are always on the go. Glad to catch up with Gautam after a long time. 

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