Monday, June 3, 2019

Tribute to the Sidant Pattnaik

Over the conversations, Dyu shared about his friends. Discussing on traveling and writing, he mentioned, "One of the friends who always insisted me to always write about the experiences I had no matter if I shared or not is Sidant."
"Inspiring personality, he's the person who has seen a lot in life and you'd not even get the hint of his condition. He's a cancer survivor. But you can never know of it.  He has written a book on cricket on women."

I remember watching Harry reading the book on cricket & women. And indeed it was Sidant's book which he co-authored with Karunya Keshav. I shared Harry's review with Dyu and heard many life stories of Sidant. 

 I recall the stories Harry shared with me about his Wisden days and his enthusiasm for cricket. 

 Sidant passed away yesterday. He seems to be the person who embraced all the joy, pain, love and life. I couldn't get a chance to meet him. May his words live for eternal making a difference to many. 

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