Sunday, June 30, 2019

Social Network Sabbath

Social media and the urge to stay afloat on views, likes, shares. I'm not immune to a lot of things that are on media but, I wish to be connected but not manipulated by the algorithms. 

I'm all in for the great positive change but, I'm skeptical about staging away without being affected. I do not see it being effected evidently. However, I take a step back and I see it the way it is affecting my thought patterns. 

Should I blame the internet & Social media? This is being shallow complaint to make. It's not about the medium but the compulsiveness I've got through the medium. Is it designed to make me compulsive? yet to reflect on it. 

I do not like the compulsive behaviors I've. Being compulsive of anything seems to be of behavior that has to be changed. I should work on it.

 Can't let the compulsiveness compel me to sabotage my productivity, my life, and my creativity. 

"You're not the only artist! All artists are on social media. Don't complain." said a lot of friends. 

Not to be blind to the reality of their life. Seeing the selected/ curated online content of someone's life may give you false notions of their social media usage. And for, Gods sake, they have a team to handle their social media handles.  A whole team! 

Social media may be a must for everyone who wants to engage but it does come with some baggages which you can't reject.  

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