Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thoughts on Education

Quality education is not being catered to all. Even though there are public schools in every part of the country. It's effective function has to be functioned. And any parents who are out of the poverty line first hopes to get a quality education to their children.  Quality education is not provided to all as it is linked with purchasing power.

People who are privileged are given a better education. And the better education is also called as 'better education' which only teaches to make a good prospect for the monotonous jobs and to make more money. 

Jobs are created where their intellect is not valued. With these kinda jobs where creativity is not valued, rigidity is getting increased, intolerance is increased. There's more disconnection to a community and also to the work. This can't be answered politically. This got to be answered through education. Effective and holistic education. 

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