Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Happy birthday Teddy

Over Basketball court, while she and Srinidhi were in search of her short friend. I ran into them. We shared a tidbit of conversation. And caught up in friendly banter over balling. We ended up becoming great companions. 

Summer of 2011. 

Looking back to 8 years and a lot has changed. We took our ways, we've our life. We deal with one own sorta stuff all throughout the time. Bit the bond to reach over in happy times and tough times. is what ends has endured our friendship.

Sanam Jindani a.k.a Teddy is full of warmth, affection, and sensible. She's not the person who can put up with trivial stuff is she's not into it. She's anything but okayish.

Our once in blue moon meets always etch me an experience I cherish. She was there during my tough times. And her company was the only solace I got at that time. We do not stay in touch but still has the trust of backing each other.

I'm happy to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday Teddy. 

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